Overland on a Shoestring

Overland on a Shoestring

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In 1960 a young Englishman decided to invest ten pounds for the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world on a cruise liner, the trip being heavily subsidised by the Australian Government. He was to become one of the many a€˜Ten pound Touristsa€™ to migrate from Britain to Australia following the Second World War. Within a week of his arrival in Australia he had managed to secure a flat at Bondi Beach, a job in Sydneya€™s business district and had also met the girl he was to marry two years later. Little could he have foreseen at that time that these events would prove to have such a profound effect not only on their lives but also those of other family members. Shortly after he and his fiancAce had married they decided to travel to England to meet his family and enjoy a two year stay before returning to Australia. However, after a few months in England, whilst enjoying a few drinks in a local pub with friends, his younger brother mentioned the idea of an overland trip back to the Land Down Under. The idea of a€˜Overland on a Shoestringa€™ was born. It took over two years to prepare for the journey, during which time the party of eight purchased two 1942 vintage ex World War II Willys Jeeps and an old Bedford van that cost fifty pounds. Thus, in June, 1964 they set off on a journey which would take them through Scandinavia, Europe and Asia where their adventure would be punctuated by numerous vehicle breakdowns. There were also other surprises including waking up one morning in the desert to behold vultures circling above them and on another occasion, having set up camp one evening, they found that the field that they had chosen was in fact a Turkish artillery range that was to be bombarded minutes later. They eventually arrived in Australia in December, 1964, fit and well in spite of having shed almost a third of their bodyweight. Every member of the party remained in Australia to become Australian citizens.The ride was so uncomfortable it felt as though the Jeepa#39;s springs had been removed and had been replaced by a set of ... At such times I would often to lose myself in a book, reading by the light of a six volt globe attached to the battery of the Jeep. ... in the LVW Jeep with Brian we were confronted by sand dunes on either side of the track that eventually led to rugged ... to the radiator overflow pipe which was in turn connected to a one gallon metal tank lashed to the front bumper bar.

Title:Overland on a Shoestring
Author:Peter Hurdwell
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-01-17


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