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A uniquely informed investigative account of one of the biggest financial crises of President Obamaa€™s early administration During his first year in office, President Obama faced the possibility of more than a million lost jobs as GM and Chrysler headed for financial ruin. He joined forces with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and economic advisor Larry Summers in a historic government intervention to keep these two auto-industry giants afloat, working against a ticking clock and fielding vocal opposition from free market champions along the way. It's from this vantage point that former New York Times financial journalist Steven Rattner witnesses a new administration's grace under pressure in the face of gross corporate mismanagementa€”a scenario rich in hard-earned lessons for managers and executives in any industry.An Insidera#39;s Account of the Obama Administrationa#39;s Emergency Rescue of the Auto Industry Steven Rattner. writer and a ... A printed copy hung on the wall with his signature, although it turned out to be a facsimile. I felt like a kid ... It was so hard to get through the Secret Service checkpoint that on my second day, I e- mailed Haley, a€œIs there a cafeteria in this building? ... Everything was complicated , including communicating with Tim, who I assumed would have e-mail and a BlackBerry.

Author:Steven Rattner
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2010-09-13


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