Outdoor Life: The Ultimate Survival Manual

Outdoor Life: The Ultimate Survival Manual

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Your Indispensable Go-To Guide for Surviving Anything Get Ready, Get Set, Survive! Youa€™re lost in the woods without food or water. Confronted by an armed assailant in the dead of night. Forced to outrun a deadly tornado. Dona€™t worrya€”The Ultimate Survival Manual has you covered. OUT IN THE WILD From navigating with a compass to fending off a mountain lion, learn to prevail in the forests, deserts, and open oceans like an expert outdoorsman. DURING A DISASTER Whether ita€™s a towering tsunami or a blazing wildfire, bad things happen every day. Know what to do when the going gets tough. IN AN URBAN CRISIS Arm yourself with the latest self-defense moves, weapons tips, and home-protection tactics, plus crucial strategies for handling bad guys and bad situations at home and abroad.Program local emergency numbers into your phone. No matter where youa#39;re staying, dona#39;t open the hotel door without using the peephole to see whoa#39;s there a€”just as you would at home. Dona#39;t allow strangers into your room. Dona#39;t display youranbsp;...

Title:Outdoor Life: The Ultimate Survival Manual
Author:Richard Johnson
Publisher:Weldon Owen - 2012-05-22


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