Our Only World

Our Only World

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As the United States prepares to leave its long war in Afghanistan, it now must contemplate the necessity of sending troops back to Iraq, recalling General Colin Powella€™s advice to President Bush: a€œIf you break it, you own it, a€ as the worlda€™s hot spots threaten to spread over the globe with the ferocity of a war of holy terror and desperation. The planeta€™s environmental problems respect no national boundaries. From soil erosion and population displacement to climate change and failed energy policies, American governing classes are paid by corporations to pretend that debate is the only democratic necessity and that solutions are capable of withstanding endless delay. Late Capitalism goes about its business of finishing off the planet. And we citizens are left with a shell of what was once proudly described as The American Dream. In this new collection of eleven essays, Berry confronts head-on the necessity of clear thinking and direct action. Never one to ignore the present challenge, he understands that only clearly stated questions support the understanding their answers require. For more than fifty years wea€™ve had no better spokesman and no more eloquent advocate for the planet, for our families, and for the future of our children and ourselves.Ten Essays Wendell Berry ... Tothe proabortion side, abortion is simply a right, the creatureto be abortedisa fetus, theact itself istermination of a ... Thiswoman, troubling as she is to thepolitical atmosphere of opposedabsolutes, cannot be admitted byeither sideintothe public argument. But her example is starkly clarifying.

Title:Our Only World
Author:Wendell Berry
Publisher:Counterpoint - 2015-02-01


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