Other Whispers

Other Whispers

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The technical man, more than any other, has put the shapes and habits, opportunities and neglects, into our time. If a man with such a bent reaches a place where he questions some of his paths, he will usually need more help than he can find within himself to take, maybe blaze, another path. Here, a man like thisa€”Paul Sanger, still young, but old enough to sign for material to make a consciencea€”stumbles into accidents of aristocratic environment and friendships that will warp him into a situation of impossible love, and pull him into new technical vistas that will qualify, and energize, him for his path changes. These things will also put him in the way of another possibly impossible woman, with a conscience like his own, who refuses the obstacles posed by him in looking at her own future. The problems herea€”technical, academic, emotional, ethicala€”are contemporary...and timeless.With the contributions from Jake and Hetty and nearly everyone at the massive tablea€” including Marya#39;s outrageous use of her Irish broguea€”any ... Jake advised him that hea#39;d come to the right place and that Martha was the best guide he could think of. ... They were just turning into a lane that led to the big pool at the rear of the grounds, when they stopped...rather, Paul ... had hitched a ride with him, then what they had just seen could easily be added to the forked tail of that same spirit .

Title:Other Whispers
Author:Gordon Zima
Publisher:Sunstone Press - 2015-03-10


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