Oscillating Heat Pipes

Oscillating Heat Pipes

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This book presents the fundamental fluid flow and heat transfer principles occurring in oscillating heat pipes and also provides updated developments and recent innovations in research and applications of heat pipes. Starting with fundamental presentation of heat pipes, the focus is on oscillating motions and its heat transfer enhancement in a two-phase heat transfer system. The book covers thermodynamic analysis, interfacial phenomenon, thin film evaporation, theoretical models of oscillating motion and heat transfer of single phase and two-phase flows, primary factors affecting oscillating motions and heat transfer, neutron imaging study of oscillating motions in an oscillating heat pipes, and nanofluida€™s effect on the heat transfer performance in oscillating heat pipes. The importance of thermally-excited oscillating motion combined with phase change heat transfer to a wide variety of applications is emphasized. This book is an essential resource and learning tool for senior undergraduate, graduate students, practicing engineers, researchers, and scientists working in the area of heat pipes. This book also Am Includes detailed descriptions on how an oscillating heat pipe is fabricated, tested, and utilized Am Covers fundamentals of oscillating flow and heat transfer in an oscillating heat pipe Am Provides general presentation of conventional heat pipesAs shown, when the OHP is charged with water, the operating limit is much higher than that charged with HFE7100. Tables 4.5 and 4.6 summarized ... 4.28 Schematic of a 6-turn OHP and experimental system (units in mm) (Ji et al. 2014) Fig.

Title:Oscillating Heat Pipes
Author:Hongbin Ma
Publisher:Springer - 2015-05-22


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