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This etymological dictionary gives the origins of some 20, 000 items from the modern English vocabulary, discussing them in groups that make clear the connections between words derived by a variety of routes from originally common stock. As well as giving the answers to questions about the derivation of individual words, it is a fascinating book to browse through, and includes extensive lists of prefixes, suffixes, and elements used in the creation of new vocabulary.... 490 me. was announced to the waiting Athenians by a messenger running from Marathon to Athens. manual (whence pa and vn marauding) ... and western F dial maraud, a tom-cat, itself echoic. ... esp for this sweetmeata#39;; MF (C14 marcepaln, C15 massepata#39;rtwas still) borrowed this sense; C16 EF inaugurated the modernanbsp;...

Author:Eric Partridge
Publisher:Routledge - 2006-05-23


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