Organized Junk: Making it Your Business

Organized Junk: Making it Your Business

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Organized Junk: Making It Your Business is an innovative guide to cost efficient parties. Author Roberta Walker has used her life experience from growing up in a low-income family to explain how planning can be a system based task. The book outlines the inventive lifestyle of the family of eight; they entertained themselves in ways no other could image. Each child had their own unique personalities and abilities that made them artistic in some fashion. Collectively, the tales portray a futuristic approach to event planning. Throughout her life, Roberta and her family have had to overcome financial burdens that most individuals living in public housing had to face. She has used her creative childhood crafts and ideas to transform children and adult parties into masterpieces. Growing up on a minimal budget did not discourage the Walker-Thomas family from celebrating under grand terms. The book transforms their methods into a fun, understandable guide for all personalities to learn how to enjoy any occasion grandly. The book is a collection of family stories as well as tips for developing the most creative events without spending overwhelming amounts of money. The dedication to her dumpster treasures starts with how having a childa€™s imagination can inspire you to become a more artistic you and ends with the presentation of amazing illustrations of what the end result of using this guide can be. It allows you to see that anyone can be a planner, and an excellent event designer. Whether you are undecided on how to organize an event independently or you need ideas on where to find inspiration, Organized Junk: Making It Your Business can instruct even the most diverse individuals to be better event organizers. Shopping trends, catering, entertainment, and many other key factors to any occasion are discussed in detail to make your party great. The format given is a system derived from trial and error and simple adaptation of economic times. An easy, recession proof method.My grandma Susie sold home interior for this company. She held these lavish celebrations from time to time to showcase the new additions to the catalog. Kids were not allowed in the living room while the parties were going; we peeked in to anbsp;...

Title:Organized Junk: Making it Your Business
Author:Roberta Walker
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-09-12


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