Organic Trace Analysis by Liquid Chromatography

Organic Trace Analysis by Liquid Chromatography

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Organic Trace Analysis by Liquid Chromatography focuses on high-performance liquid chromatography in the field of formulations analysis, which includes quality control of pharmaceutical preparations, pesticide formulations, cosmetics, and food colors. This book explores the application of liquid chromatography to trace analysis. Organized into 10 chapters, this book starts with an overview of the special requirements of liquid chromatography for trace analysis. This text then compares the approach to gas chromatography and formulations analysis, noting the significant difference. Other chapters consider the liquid chromatography equipment and examine the best types and conditions of instrumentation suitable for trace analysis. This book discusses as well the chromatography theory and includes descriptive accounts of the principles of the different forms of chromatography. The final chapter describes the typical approaches that are used for trace analysis. This book is a valuable resource for analysts engaged in the determination of trace organics in many various substrates.I- 4 5 35pm E I U 2 2 .1 23pm a€œ / 13pm // 51aquot;aquot; O I F r I I.O 2.0 3.0 4.0 LINEAR VE LOCITY (cm/sec) Fig. ... One unfortunate problem at present is the lack of consistency of column selectivity between manufacturers. ... and ACS, and analysts in general, will result in a system such as the McReynolds system (I) in GC, whereby column selectivity may be characterized. ... and performing adequate cleanup on samples, as well as keeping the quantity of sample injected as small as possible, willanbsp;...

Title:Organic Trace Analysis by Liquid Chromatography
Author:James Lawrence
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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