Ordained By the Streets

Ordained By the Streets

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AiWhile half the women in the neighborhood got dressed up in their SundayAis best to go worship an invisible man, the real live men of flesh they laid down with every night was giving my mother praise. And although they werenAit putting ten percent of their earnings in some shiny collection plate, they were doing pretty good filling up my momAis Crowne Royal bag that laid on her nightstand, next to her bed.AiOrdained By The Streets introduces you to Poppa, or rather, Poppa introduces you to himself. A self-proclaimed street preacher, PoppaAis credentials and credibility donAit come from the church house or a preacher man; it comes straight from where it countsAithe streets.More than eyes have seen or ears have heard, Poppa never becomes jaded by the lives and stories he encounters in his position on the streets. In this urban tract, Poppa encounters a girl whose mind he sets out to manipulate. After all, thatAis what he does. But in this girl, Poppa just might have met his match.When this girl bares her soul to Poppa with details of her life, he has no idea just how much her story is going to change his lifeAiforever.aquot;How many times do I have to tell ya#39;all I dona#39;t jack cars? And I didna#39;t ... the car. He said it was nothing he couldna#39;t fix with a few tools we could finally find at a gas station. ... aquot;So, uh, how far is the place we need to go to get the part to fix my car?

Title:Ordained By the Streets
Author:E. N. Joy
Publisher:E. N. Joy - 2011-02-20


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