Oracle of Divination

Oracle of Divination

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This manuscript of the Mythology of the Yoruba Religion-Cariocha, as the importance of this cult, the past is the present, as the present to meet the future, thus regulate their functions in religious rituals. It s linked between the created and the creator Oloddumare (God) and his emissaries and Orishas that governs our destinies based upon our faith to all Omorishas (Saints) Santeros and faithful believers. My legacy in this manuscript is a teaching manual for all the people and all their followers Santeros ille Orishas. It s linked in chains of faith and as a legacy of half a century, the treasure of my wisdom and my steps walked in practice of the Santeria within the Yoruba Lukumi Religion. It is an honor to all the patriarchs illa loaches, baba loaches, Igguoros, Oluwo and those who have IbaAc ballentenu (deceased) has taken with them all the science and knowledge to Oloddumare (God). Osha Ille Ochun Alamace ---- El Pensador - The ThinkerOsha Ille Ochun Alamace ---- El Pensador - The Thinker

Title:Oracle of Divination
Author:McR El Pensador
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-08


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