Operation "The Black Thunder"

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The book is about the fact that in the thirties of the twentieth century, there was an expedition to find the message of Hitlera€™s notorious Tibet Shambhala. At the same time, Russian intelligence learned of the expedition and sent one of their men. Colonel Schwartz destroyed the Russian and went into Shambhala. There, still unknown to what purpose, the ancient people that had survived in Shambhala gave Schwartz coordinates to a secret base of some ancient civilization. Schwartz reported to Hitler, and he agreed to send submarines to Antarctica. Schwartz did find a base there and even UFOs. He faced new aircraft, and he even flew to the moon. But the inhabitants of Shambhala had an interesta€”they had long conceived to take possession of some device that could animate the ruined planet. At that time, Schwartz tossed the captured Russian, who would pilot a flying saucer. The Russian knew of the job and the secret of Shambhala but refused to talk about it to Schwartz. The colonel agreed to fly to another galaxy to understand who and what was using it. And meanwhile, there was a building in Antarctica New Swabia, shelters for the top of the Reich. Schwartz successfully flew to Mars and found there some civilization that lived deep beneath the surface. Then the colonela€™s group went for the mysterious cargo. Schwartz had many adventures on the way, but he was able to deceive the enemy and captured the mysterious cubea€”the device that the people of Shambhala wanted to get. Schwartz understood that this cube could be a dangerous weapon and decided to hide it so it would not be found by Hitler. Colonel radically changed his attitude and then realized that the war was very bad. Americans learned about the construction of the base and sent their fleet, but the colonel did not want to fight the wara€”it was really bad.... times proven tool schwartz seen from tubsa€”six steps away stood monkey-man, ferreted in rags, often raised snout, sniffed, ... version of the walking dead, because the appearance of monkeys could meana€”she herself and stole the corpse.

Title:Operation "The Black Thunder"
Author:Michail Bairachniy
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-09-20


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