Operation Iceberg

Operation Iceberg

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Gerald Astor, author of THE MIGHTY EIGHTH, draws on the raw, first-hand accounts of marines, sailors, soldiers, and airmen under fire to recount the dramatic and gripping story of the last major battle of World War II. On the sea the Japanese rained down a deadly hail of kamikazes. On land the entrenched defenders had nowhere to retreat, and the US Army and Marines had nowhere to go but onward, into the thick of some of the of the most bloody close-quarters fighting in World War II. This was Okinawa, the savage pitched battle waged just months before the US nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. Operation Iceberg, as it was known, saw the fiercest attack of kamikazes in the entire Pacific Theater of War. And here Gerald Astor lets the soldiers tell their stories firsthand: of flame-thrower attacks and hand-to-hand confrontations, of atrocities, deadly ambushes and brutal hilltop sieges that left entire companies decimated. Operation Iceberg is the raw, hard-edged account of war at its most brutala€”and the last great battle of World War II.Entire field manuals were devotedto the subject and thelanding party manual had a chapteron it. ... TheCoast Guardwas my choice, since I hadan ablebodied seamana#39;s rating for the Great Lakes. ... The first corporalDI todeck me, I gavea vertical buttstroke with my a#39;03 rifle and almost got kicked out of Raiders and Recruits.

Title:Operation Iceberg
Author:Gerald Astor
Publisher:Penguin - 2015-01-27


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