Online File Sharing

Online File Sharing

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It is apparent that file sharing on the Internet has become an emerging norm of media consumptiona€”especially among young people. This book provides a critical perspective on this phenomenon, exploring issues related to file sharing, downloading, peer-to-peer networks, qpiracy, q and (not least) policy issues regarding these practices. Andersson Schwartz critically engages with the justificatory discourses of the actual file-sharers, taking Sweden as a geographic focus. By focusing on the example of Swedena€”home to both The Pirate Bay and Spotifya€”he provides a unique insight into a mentality that drives both innovation and deviance and accommodates sharing in both its unadulterated and its compliant, business-friendly forms.... media of television, radio, telephone, and mail converge, standardized by transmission frequencies and bit format. (Kittler 1999: 1) The current situation of computer end users sharing copyrighted material with impunitya€”en masse, anonymously, ... blurring of roles between users, distributors, and producers, as well as a€œnarrowcastinga€ (see Hirsch 1998; Jenkins 2006). ... of a world-changing event, which came to inhibit civic communicative exchange in much more sinister ways: 9/11.

Title:Online File Sharing
Author:Jonas Andersson Schwarz
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-09-05


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