One Heartbeat Away

One Heartbeat Away

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Two commercial jets fly into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center. Within minutes thousands of lives are lost. An airliner explodes in midair, killing hundreds. Earthquakes in the Indian Ocean, in Pakistan and in Haiti decimate countries and leave tens of thousands instantly dead. These disasters, through the modern marvel of global communication, command our attention and remind us of the fragility of human life. The magnitude of the events and the large numbers of deaths in these disasters bring us to momentary reflection on the realities of life. Yet most of us, if not personally affected, soon return to our normal business with little thought of those who perished. Tomorrow death will take over 150, 000 from this earth. The next day we can expect about the same number. This is an average of almost two people every second. Most will simply leave quietly and unnoticed by but a few. We usually give it little thought, yet the Grim Reaper is indeed always lurking stealthily in the shadows. Eternity may be only One Heartbeat Away. The author examines the disposition of the body and the soul at the conclusion of our time on earth. Many look forward to a blessed eternal existence. Many will be met with a less favorable fate. As certain as this transition is, it is often omitted in our life-planning. The stakes of this omission are high. The author calls us to seriously consider the claims made here and their implications for us.To get an ideaofthe size wecan compare ittothe eartha#39;s moon. ... Ifweput the basketball on the end lineof an NBA basketball court, underand behindthe basket , and the tennisballon the NBA threepoint line directly in the middle of the court ( sideanbsp;...

Title:One Heartbeat Away
Author:Gary Covington
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-03-17


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