One America, Indivisible

One America, Indivisible

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Hackney, chairman of the NEH, asks whether, in an America that is becoming more quarrelsome, is there a way to recover the overriding values that we once shared, the sense of our oneness? He set the NEH to the task of providing a forum in which a more thoughtful, civilized discussion --a national conversation, A“ he called it -- could take place. The setting would be schools a churches a libraries a campuses a TV studios. Ultimately, the conversation reached 3 million people. This book tells the story of A National Conversation on American Pluralism a Identify, A“ a project of the NEH that took place during the period 1994-97.120German Parliamentarian Freimut Duve, speaking at a National Issues Forum, noted that assimilation of Turkish immigrants to Germany was being similarly impeded by three modern technologies: television, telephone, and air travel.

Title:One America, Indivisible
Author:Sheldon Hackney
Publisher:DIANE Publishing - 1999-05-01


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