Once Upon A Dream

Once Upon A Dream

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There was once a dream, though it wasna€™t mine but I had it all the same, and I still have it. It is neither a religious vision of doom or blessings, nor a political speech on promises or propaganda; for it is only a dream. You and I are here, and hereafter in this dream, you and I shall be called a€˜wea€™, as it would be on planet earth and yes, we are in a dream, a dream-dream, for that is all it is. We or our dreams, at times one cannot tell which is vaguer. The picture of things is not yet clear but we have been made to understand that today is the first of January, in the year F.G. 300. As we must have guessed, the B.C. came and went, so too did the Anno Domini and the new calendar system is already three hundred years old. Yes, we are that far off our present consciousness. The F.G. is an abbreviation for Finem GratiAb, a lost languagea€™s way of saying a€˜the end of gracea€™. We feel this language isna€™t lost because we are still here, dreaming a dream.Therewas no need for streets because there was no spacefor it andwith no space , no cars. Manual scooters and skates were the best means of transportation and that alone shot up the level of domestic ... the absenceof the angels and Saint Peter in particular, god Onward suddenly hearda voice say him, a€œGenesis 1:28.

Title:Once Upon A Dream
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-08-11


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