On-Line Analysis Instrument

On-Line Analysis Instrument

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Instrument Technology, Volume 2: On-Line Analysis Instruments describes a variety of on-line analysis instruments used in measuring the quality of products, including sampling systems for gases and liquids; on-line instruments for ASTM procedures; and instruments for measuring density or specific gravity, humidity, chemical composition, and viscosity. Measurements employing nuclear techniques are also considered. This text is comprised of seven chapters. After giving an introduction that explains the importance of analysis instruments and their applications in a wide range of industries, the book turns to sampling systems for gases and liquids. The next chapter focuses on instruments for measuring density and specific gravity of liquid, such as static-pressure-operated mechanisms (for example, gas purge systems), weighing tube types, buoyancy types, recording hydrometers, totally immersed displacer types, and acoustic resonance types. Measurements employing nuclear techniques such as radio-isotopes are then described, along with instruments used to measure Reid vapor pressure, distillation characteristics, pour point, flash point, cloud point, and octane number. Finally, this book discusses instruments used to measure chemical composition and viscosity. The use of non-dispersive infrared analyzers in chemical plants is highlighted. This book will be useful not only for chemists and instrument and chemical engineers, but also for prospective instrument technicians.7.1 MEASUREMENT OF VISCOSITY BY MEASURING PRESSURE DROPACROSS CAPILLARY TUBE WHEN LIQUID IS ... H - - - - - - Constant temperature bath Heat exchanger Capillary Metering 250 um filter (optional) l | | - - - | Relief valve ... 7.1 Continuous on-line viscometer, schematic flow diagram ( Courtesy G.E.C.-Elliott Process Instruments Ltd.) Figure 7. ... The pressure drop across the capillary tube is converted to a pneumatic or electrical signal that is a linear function ofanbsp;...

Title:On-Line Analysis Instrument
Author:E. B. Jones
Publisher:Butterworth-Heinemann - 2013-10-22


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