On Demand Writing

On Demand Writing

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Designed for English teachers coaching their students for on-demand writing situations, such as those they face during the SAT Reasoning Tests in the US. Contains 24 lesson plans that use spontaneous speaking strategies unique to impromptu and extemporaneous speech and debate to prepare for timed-essays. Chapters explain how to prepare in advance for any topic; outline a topic quickly; transform inductive thinking into deductive writing; develop introductions, paragraphs, and conclusions; and improve syntax. Each lesson includes an introduction, explaining what and how the exercise will improve student performance, clear steps for presenting the material, and student handouts, where applicable, designed to lead students.6. Most scoring rubrics allow for misspelled words. 7. What matters most in a timed essay are specific supporting details. 8. My teacher says to always title your timed essays. 9. Timed essays do not necessarily have 5 paragraphs. 70. Lengthyanbsp;...

Title:On Demand Writing
Author:Lynette Williamson
Publisher:IDEA - 2009


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