O.M.A. - Rise of the Undead

O.M.A. - Rise of the Undead

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One Man Army Operatives are a last resort measure when all else fails. Undead zombies were plaguing the cities of the world. In America, the government sends Jason Cain, a trained One Man Army operative to deal with the zombie threat in the area around Plainville City. Jason encounters and neutralizes looters and drug dealers before he leads the successful assault that rids the area of the undead army which fled Philadelphia.The other couple quickly climbed into a dark Dodge Neon SRT-4 and a jet black Ford Taurus, respectively. Everyone took his or her bags of gear with him or her. Cain said, a€œStill a few cars in the lot. You guys can take your pick. Go your ownanbsp;...

Title:O.M.A. - Rise of the Undead
Author:Milton Kerr
Publisher:Booktango - 2013-09-06


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