Off Her Rocker

Off Her Rocker

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Twenty years ago Dana Logan reacted to this statement as any new mother woulda€”with disbelief. Tomorrow? Didn't the years ahead stretch like a long, sunny roada€bwith no end in sight? Well, Dana's just fallen into that end. Hard. It's as if her whole life has been a prep coursea€”only, without warning, they've canceled the test. Her children don't seem to need anything she is able to give. Okaya€”so she'll just have to find someone who does want what she has to offer. If she has to drive into hell to do ita€b Judging by the sign she just passeda€”qWelcome to Hell. Population 512qa€”she already hasa€b.I no longer see the rear of my car or the vehicle in front of it, but I hear them in the distance, somewhere deep in the blackness ahead. ... My hands are so cold and shaky I cana#39;t manage the top button so I leave it undone. ... Choking on tears and screaming for help between gasps, I start running in the direction my car went. After only a few yards, my lungs ache from the cold air and every ... Standing again, I stomp my feet and rub my hands together to try to jump-start my circulation.

Title:Off Her Rocker
Author:Jennifer Archer
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-03-15


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