Odyssey of an Indian Bureaucrat

Odyssey of an Indian Bureaucrat

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Mr. Nripati Ghoshal has lived through a tumultuous period in Indian history and his own life is a remarkable representation of that. He suffered through the famine of 1942 and the devastating communal riots; witnessed the birth of a nation in 1947 amidst great social calamity; lived through the ensuing moral and political bankruptcy of the Indian intelligentsia and experienced first-hand the powerful reaches of a politicized and corrupted bureaucracy. In his lifetime he experienced abject poverty and extreme hardship as well as relative wealth and the material comfort that it brings and thus provides a unique perspective on the social, economic and moral standing of both rural and urban India through his autobiography-The Odyssey of an Indian Bureaucrat.Service. at. different. departmentsa€”a. diverse. experience. From the office of first LA Collector I was transferred to the Home ... to the departmental secretary are all distributed by the Minister under the provisions of the secretariat manual. ... The jail minister belonged to a small party, which had risen to eminence in the political horizon of the state clinging to power as an appendage to the major one.

Title:Odyssey of an Indian Bureaucrat
Author:Nripati Ghoshal
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-05-05


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