Oceans of Innovation

Oceans of Innovation

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This essay assumes the near certainty that the Pacific region will take primary leadership of the global economy in the near future and explores the implications for their education systems. It explores the historic insights that can be taken from the Atlantic's rise to global leadership and outlines the economic transformation over the last 50 years that has shifted leadership from the Atlantic to Pacific Asia. On this foundation, the authors lay out a new model for fostering innovation among individuals, teams, organisations and society as a whole. They recommend a combination of best practices in coherent reform of education systems together with the latest thinking on unlocking systemic innovation to produce the 'whole-system revolution' that will be required to inspire a generation and produce global leaders who are able to rise to the challenges of the 21st century. qThis report highlights the challenges and opportunities that every education system around the world faces. May it facilitate an informed and productive dialogue on how we can better prepare our children for the future.q Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore qExcellent work on the future of education.qDavid Miliband, Member of Parliament and Former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs qIt is a terrific analysis and very important piece of work.q Sir Ken Robinson, Author and speaker on education and creativity qI found it quite mesmerizing.q Bill Drayton, Founder and Chair of Ashoka qThe report is sweeping and challenging.q Charlie Leadbeater, Author of 'Learning from the Extremes' qInteresting and timely report.q Baroness Sally Morgan, Ofsted Chair qCertainly the most stimulating thing in education that I have read for a long time.q Geoff Southworth, Professor of Education and Former Director of Research and Policy at the National College of School Leadership... Rise of the Creative Class, New York: Basic Books Friedman T and Mandelbaum M (2011) That Used to be Us: What Went Wrong With America and How it Can Come Back [Kindle edition], London: Little, Brown Fullan M (2012) Stratosphere: Integrating Technology, ... Impact on Learning, London: Routledge Heng SK (2011) speech to Singapore Ministry of Education workplan seminar, 22 September.

Title:Oceans of Innovation
Author:Katelyn Donnelly, Michael Barber, Saad Rizvi
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2012-09-14


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