Occult Aesthetics

Occult Aesthetics

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Occult Aesthetics: Synchronization in Sound Film opens up an often-overlooked aspect of audiovisual culture which is crucial to the medium's powerful illusions. Author Kevin Donnelly contends that a film soundtrack's musical qualities can unlock the occult psychology joining sound and image, an effect both esoteric and easily destroyed.The game series includes Silent Hill (1999, Playstation, later versions ported for PC); Silent Hill 2 (2001, PS2, PC, Xbox); Silent Hill 3 (2003, PS2, ... (2009, Wii, PS2, PSP); Silent Hill: Downpour (2010, PS3, Xbox); and Silent Hill: Book of Memories (2012, PS Vita). ... Interviewa€ in Game Informer magazine [www. gameinformer.com/News/ Story/200503/N05.0310.1619.39457.htm], accessed March 7, 2007.

Title:Occult Aesthetics
Author:K.J. Donnelly
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2014-02


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