Obsession & Eyewitness

Obsession & Eyewitness

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THESE HEROES WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO PROTECT THE WOMEN THEY LOVE! OBSESSION FBI Agent Colin Roarke vows to protect former crush Michelle Girard from the qReunion Killer.q Staying one step ahead is Colin's specialty, but as his frustration intensifies, so do the complications of long-buried feelings. When Michelle is kidnapped, clues lead Colin to an abandoned mansion where dark secrets are concealeda€”and dangerous desires hidden. EYEWITNESS Four years in an Afghan prison couldn't erase beautiful Devon Reese from Kieran Roarke's damaged memory. So when they meet on a beach back in Coral Cove and she begs for help, he doesn't hesitate. Especially when he learns Devon's little boya€”a son he hadn't known existeda€”witnessed a murder. Kieran is desperate to keep his new family safe. He lost them oncea€”he won't lose them again.Several minutes later, her cell phone rang and she waved it at Kieran. The display showed a restricted number. Kieran swooped back to the table and held out his hand, palm up. a€œLet me get it. The killer has your ... a€œThat SOB musta#39;ve stolen my cell phone while I was in Coral Cove. ... You have to physically sign off on them.

Title:Obsession & Eyewitness
Author:Carol Ericson
Publisher:Harlequin - 2015-04-20


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