Object-oriented Technology

Object-oriented Technology

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This book is written for students and developers whowish to master the essential skills and techniques in applying the UML forsoftware development. The reader will learn object-oriented analysis, design andimplementation using appropriate UML models, process, techniques and tool.Accompanying the book is the Community Edition of Visual Pradigm for UML (VP-UML), an award-winning CASE tool, which allows the reader to put the theories learnedinto practice immediately.The authors propose a novel framework for modeling and analysis called the ViewAlignment Techniques (VAT) that helps software developers create developmentmethods. The Activity Analysis Approach (A3), which is particularlysuited for the development of interaction-intensive systems, is described. Theseconcepts have been well proven, as they were followed closely in the developmentof the VP-UML CASE tool.Three chapters in this book describe structural, use case and dynamic modelingand analysis techniques, together with practical tricks and tips that have beengained by the authors from many years of experience. Each of these threechapters includes a mini-case study which illustrates the unique qfromdiagram to codeq concept in software development. In the final chapter, amajor case study is included to help the reader reinforce the theories learnedin previous chapters using VP-UML.The key areas in object-oriented technology covered in the book include:Requirements modeling using cases:Identifying, capturing and elaborating requirements.Domain analysis for object identification:Building structural models for objects and their attributes andrelationships.Dynamic analysis and design: Building dynamicmodels, refining structural models and making design decisions.Implementation: Translating UML models intocodes and implementations.Method creation and the framework of ViewAlignment Techniques: Choosing the right UML models and customizing theanalysis and design process.A case study: Showing how the ActivityAnalysis Approach is put into practice, using VP-UML.Additional material can be found at http://www.mcgraw-hill.com.sg/olc/tsang.Instructors will benefit from useful tools such as PowerPoint slides (passwordprotected) and answers to exercises (password protected), while students canobtain source code and additional exercises and test questions.Visual Paradigm for UML, the CASE tool used extensively in this book, washonored in the 15th Annual Software Development Magazine Jolt Productivity Awardin the Design and Analysis Tools category in March 2004. It has also recentlywon two more accolades: Oracle JDeveloper Extensions Developer of the Year 2004and Hong Kong Computer Society 6th IT Excellence Silver Award 2004. TheCommunity Edition of this CASE tool is included in this book to enable thereader to use its powerful and easy-to-use features for system modeling, analysis and implementation.This book is written for students and developers whowish to master the essential skills and techniques in applying the UML forsoftware development.

Title:Object-oriented Technology
Author:Curtis H. K. Tsang, Clarence S. W. Lau, Ying K. Leung
Publisher: - 2005


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