Object Oriented Modeling & Design

Object Oriented Modeling & Design

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OMG Standards : MDA, MOF, XMI, CORBA, UML 2.0. UML History, UML 2.0 New Features. Rational Unified Process emphasizing Inception, Elaboration, Construction, Transition Phases. 4+1 View architecture, Architectural approaches : Use case Centric, Architecture driven, Iterative approach, OO Concepts Review.UML : UML MetaModel. Extensibility mechanisms like stereotypes, tagged values, constraints and profiles. OCL. Overview of all diagrams in UML 2.0.Object diagrams, CRC method, Review of OO concepts. Class diagrams, Classes and Relationships, Interfaces and ports, Templates, Active Objects, Advanced relationships generalization, association, aggregation, dependencies. Composite structure diagrams including composite structures, collaborations.Interaction diagrams. Interaction Overview diagrams including interactions, signals, exceptions, regions, partitions, Sequence diagrams, Communication diagrams.State Machine diagrams, States, encapsulation of states, transitions, submachine, state generalization. Timing diagrams, Activity diagrams, Activities, sub activities, signals, exceptions, partitions, regions.Support for modeling Architecture in UML. Package diagrams, Component diagrams, Deployment diagrams. Applications of UML in embedded systems, Web applications, commercial applications. All diagrams are to be assumed for UML 2.0 for each diagram the need, purpose, Concepts, Notation, Forward Engineering, Reverse Engineering and Application must be considered.OMG Standards : MDA, MOF, XMI, CORBA, UML 2.0.

Title:Object Oriented Modeling & Design
Author:S.S.Jadhav B.S.Ainapure
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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