O' Darkness, Darkness! My Son Shall Pass

O' Darkness, Darkness! My Son Shall Pass

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Darkness has infiltrated Max and Sylvia's marriage. Max, a devout Christian, journeys between past and present as he reminisces about his nearly twenty-year union with Sylvia. There is no question that his marriage is teetering on the brink of failure and Max is struggling to understand why. Max and Sylvia, who keep themselves busy in their home church as youth and music ministers, have somehow grown apart in a congregation with an unnatural number of divorces. As Max recalls the beginning days of their relationship, unearths fault lines in his spiritual walk, and contemplates the downward trajectory of his marriage, he quietly wonders if God even hears him. While Max and Sylvia both struggle with their faith, sometimes leaning on God for guidance--other times going it alone--it seems nothing can stop their relationship from deteriorating. But just when Max is at his lowest point, God sends a messenger whose words cut through the darkness and provide hope. In this inspirational tale, a man embarks on a spiritual journey to understand not only himself, but the failure of his marriage as God quietly works to reclaim one of His own.a€œThere were remnants after you read the letter written in light in college and accepted my invitation to the future wedding feast but only remnants, only remnants. ... You told him about my goodness, about my love, and about how I would fix his car for him. ... a€œWhen your engine light came on while you lived in the basement and your anxiety grew because of it, I had the little woman by the well tell you to layanbsp;...

Title:O' Darkness, Darkness! My Son Shall Pass
Author:Carlton Jordan
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2014-08-26


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