Not Your Grandma's Stock Market

Not Your Grandma's Stock Market

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This Element is an excerpt from Crapshoot Investing: How Tech Savvy Traders and Clueless Regulators Turned the Stock Market into a Casino (9780132599689) by Jim McTague. Available in print and digital formats. The revolutionary change in the stock markets that you didna€™t noticea€“and the profound impact it will have on your investments. A revolution inexorably altered the American stock market beginning in 2007; but outside the industry, few realized it had occurred. As late as 2010, the average investor still believed that the stock market was dominated by two major exchanges: NYSE and NASDAQ. In fact, it had expanded to more than a dozen registered equity exchanges and more than 200 other stock-trading venues. . . .Said Atkins in a speech in February 2004 as, what would be called, Regulation NMS was in the drafting phase, a€œThese rule proposals attempt to plug the Gremlina#39;s oil leaks, and update the cara#39;s interior by installing a CD player. Although theanbsp;...

Title:Not Your Grandma's Stock Market
Author:Jim McTague
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2011-01-26


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