Not An Ordinary Life

Not An Ordinary Life

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My story reveals the trials and tribulations of what is meant in the title of the book a€œNot an Ordinary Life, a€ how my life evolved, from where I grew up in England during the great depression, to being on the River Mersey in a merchant navy shipping company during wartime, being called up for Army service and trained as an infantryman before occupying dead-mana€™s shoes in the JAG Branch in occupied Germany and afterwards running away to sea, then settling in Australia while traveling around the world in merchant ships and doing jobs that few people know about. After a few years on-shore and maintaining my maritime connection as an intelligence officer in the Royal Australian Naval Reserve until it was suggested to me that I commit to full-time service in the RAN in my specialisation. Ten years later I resigned from full-time service to enable me as a civilian to set up a Defence Security Authority thereby ending my career within navy but remaining on the naval reserve. When the new authority was ready to be launched I was transferred but this time I was to answer directly to the then Prime Minister, but I did not known at the time that this arrangement would extend to two further Prime Ministers. This entailed coordinating the security for Prime Ministers, Presidents, the Royal Family, the Pope, and other Heads of Government and those people designated as Internationally Protected Persons both in Australia and overseas and developing protocols to deal with international terrorism. My retirement from government service coincided with the first Gulf War when certain major passenger ships were under direct threat from terrorists. I was asked to plan counter-terrorist measures for a major shipping company in the UK, Australia and America. A recent holiday cruise with my wife in a major cruise ship out of America confirmed that procedures I put into practice all those years ago were still current. a€œThroughout my life I have been a bower bird, collecting odd bits of miscellany, such as business cards, and writing notes to myself. I was never a diarist, but kept records of significant incidents as aides-memoire. During my various careers I have, as necessity, been a report writer and to assist myself in this, I made personal notes which later became official reports. These notes have formed a great part of this book. Similarly, I wrote about overseas holidays with my wife of 60 years, Patricia, so that they formed the basis of subsequent letters to family and friends. The rough notes and itineraries from those trips I hoarded with the other miscellany.a€ Regarding my post-nominal decorations these were awarded during my naval and government service. In 1986 after ten years of coordinating security for members of the Royal Family in Australia and at times overseas, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II invested me as a Member of the Royal Victorian Order, which is her own order of chivalry and service. The Reserve Forces Decoration (RFD) and the Naval Reserve Decoration (RD) were both awarded for naval service. As the Federal Government coordinator of Papal Security I was honoured with the Papal Medal by HH the Pope John Paul II at the conclusion of the 1986 Papal Visit to Australia. I had also been involved in the Papal visit to Canada in 1984 beforehand and after the Australian visit continued my involvement with Vatican security until my retirement. During my government service and later, my extra-curricular activities included being Federal President of the Australian American Association. This facilitated me in my role as the government coordinator of protective security whenever American government dignitaries visited Australia as a Guest of Government and when I was in America making arrangements for Prime Ministerial visits there.In June 1972, I received a commendation from the Joint Intelligence Organisation . ... The Flag Officer Commanding East Australia Area (FOCEAA) had been asked to make me available to accompany the ... 8 October 1972, Rear Admiral W.D.H. a€œ Billa€ Graham, the then FOCEAA, and recipient of the letter from the Director, JIO,

Title:Not An Ordinary Life
Author:David Sidney Evans
Publisher:Coogee Creations LLC - 2014-08-14


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