Nostradamus: The Lost Manuscript

Nostradamus: The Lost Manuscript

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Paintings by Nostradamus discovered in 1994 in the Italian National Library provide the key to decoding his prophecies a€c Reveals the chronology of Nostradamus's quatrains that have been hidden for 400 years a€c Shows how Nostradamus correctly predicted the Nazi Blitzkrieg, the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II, and Boris Yeltsin's rise to power a€c Contains prophecies for what the next millennium has in store In 1994 members of the Italian National Library in Rome found buried in their archives an unknown and unpublished manuscript consisting of 80 mysterious paintings by the famed prophet Michel de Nostradamus (1503-1566). This manuscript, handed down to the prophet's son and later donated by him to Pope Urban VIII, confirms the hidden chronology of Nostradamus's quatrains discovered by the well-known Nostradamus scholar Ottavio Cesare Ramotti. In both the paintings and accompanying quatrains within, Nostradamus correctly predicts such key events as the Nazi Blitzkrieg, the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II, the burning of the oil wells of Kuwait by Iraq, and Boris Yeltsin's rise to power. Knowing the power that his prophecies contained, and wary of this power falling into the wrong hands, Nostradamus scrambled both the meaning and the order of his quatrains so that humanity would not be able to use them until it had become sophisticated enough to decode them. That time is now. Using a software program he created, Ramotti has finally cracked the code and produced a book that is required reading for those who want to know what the next millennium has in store.The Code That Unlocks the Secrets of the Master Prophet Ottavio Cesare Ramotti . of Turin, placed there ... In modern times, I could well be the one wandering the fated hills seeking to disseminate his prophetic parchments! Using the computer anbsp;...

Title:Nostradamus: The Lost Manuscript
Author:Ottavio Cesare Ramotti
Publisher:Inner Traditions / Bear & Co - 2002-04-01


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