Nostradamus, Branham and the Little Book

Nostradamus, Branham and the Little Book

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For 457 years the Prophet Nostradamus has been a MYSTERY. Hidden in 'dark speech' he was misunderstood and rejected by the Protestant Christian Church, forbidden to be read by the Catholic Church, and totally discredited by psychics and worldly interpreters as being in the 'Occult'. However, it was the 'occult' interpreters that were instrumental in keeping his work alive and mysterious. Written from a Christian perspective, many questions about this mysterious man Nostradamus, and why his work has endured so long are answered in this book. Reverend Sunday has discovered the qsecretsq and the intentions of his life's work, and you will be amazed to find out WHO Nostradamus really was. If you are curious about Planet X-Wormwood, then you will find out how that ties into these hidden revelations. There always comes a time when qhiddenq things are revealed to a Prophet. (Daniel 2:22; Amos 3:7.) The second Prophet, William Branham, was way ahead of his time in his understanding of supernatural phenomenon; and his revelations on the Book of Genesis regarding the qappleq and its sexual connotations lost him favor with the qapprovedq church then, and now. Prophets are rarely understood in their own age. These TWO PROPHETS were brought together to this 'unknown' Sophe/Scribe chosen to disclose the hidden, amazing information, and revelation for our day...To GOD be the GLORY. Prepare the way for the Lord.As you read in the Nostradamus Volume One section, Switzerland and Germany are major end-time players in the NEW AGE a#39;PLANa#39;. ... ita#39;s Computer System that has been dubbed a€œThe Beasta€, where all the worlds a#39;Credit Carda#39; information is stored and information on each of us in the world. ... In 1958, Pope Paul VI declared this City as the place where the a€œVirgin Marya€ would be revealed as the a€œ womananbsp;...

Title:Nostradamus, Branham and the Little Book
Author:Patricia Ann Sunday
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-11-01


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