Noscendi Nilum Cupido

Noscendi Nilum Cupido

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What significations did Egypt have for the Romans a century after Actium and afterwards? How did Greek imperial authors respond to the Roman fascination with the Nile? This book explores Egypta€™s aftermath beyond the hostility of Augustan rhetoric, and Greek and Roman topoi of Egyptian a€œbarbarisma€. Set against history and material culture, Julio-Claudian, Flavian, Antonine, and Severan authors reveal a multivalent Egypt that defines Romea€™s increasingly diffuse identity while remaining a tantalizing tertium quid between Roman Selfhood and foreign Otherness.68, 224, 282, 285 Revisionism of Egypt and the Nile 15-17, 53a€”5, 86, 122a€” 6, 131, 135a€”6, 192, 195, 206a€”16, 219, 224 ... in Seneca Sicoris, river see rivers; Nile Sirius, star Solon schooled in Egypt 109, 193, 279 Sophia in Philostratus 264-5, anbsp;...

Title:Noscendi Nilum Cupido
Author:Eleni Manolaraki
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter - 2013-01-01


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