Nonlinear Physics for Beginners

Nonlinear Physics for Beginners

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Almost all real systems are nonlinear. For a nonlinear system the superposition principle breaks down: The system's response is not proportional to the stimulus it receives; the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The three parts of this book contains the basics of nonlinear science, with applications in physics. Part I contains an overview of fractals, chaos, solitons, pattern formation, cellular automata and complex systems. In Part II, 14 reviews and essays by pioneers, as well as 10 research articles are reprinted. Part III collects 17 students projects, with computer algorithms for s.Water inlet Microcomputer Figure 3. Schematic diagram of the experimental set- up. We use a float valve (marked a#39;level controla#39; in the diagram) to maintain the water level in an upper reservoir (not shown). Figure 4. The interface is a singleanbsp;...

Title:Nonlinear Physics for Beginners
Author:Lui Lam
Publisher:World Scientific - 1998


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