No Return Address

No Return Address

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Few aspects of American military history have been as vigorously debated as Harry Truman's decision to use atomic bombs against Japan. In this carefully crafted volume, Michael Kort describes the wartime circumstances and thinking that form the context for the decision to use these weapons, surveys the major debates related to that decision, and provides a comprehensive collection of key primary source documents that illuminate the behavior of the United States and Japan during the closing days of World War II. Kort opens with a summary of the debate over Hiroshima as it has evolved since 1945. He then provides a historical overview of thye events in question, beginning with the decision and program to build the atomic bomb. Detailing the sequence of events leading to Japan's surrender, he revisits the decisive battles of the Pacific War and the motivations of American and Japanese leaders. Finally, Kort examines ten key issues in the discussion of Hiroshima and guides readers to relevant primary source documents, scholarly books, and articles.trying to unload that junkheap on somebody for yearsa€), but John did us a colossal service. ... dented black carcass of the Plymouth, with the manual, rotary passenger-door lock John had improvised after he saw me ... it before he and my mother got back from the Ford dealership in the next towna€”Harrisville was abuzz with the news, and the ... days; star athletes perishing over the summer in traffic accidents; family cars totaled by collisions with deer; the antics of my stepfathera#39;s driving.

Title:No Return Address
Author:Anca Vlasopolos
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2005-01-22


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