No Matter What

No Matter What

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Volume One of No Matter What told of the authora€™s childhood and of the many experiences that prepared him for a lifetime of work with troubled kids and adults. The author admitted to being a mountain man and a cowboy, and Volume One blended those two lifestyles into his work building the Bar D ranch for boys. Volume One closed with the hint of an approaching political storm with the state and a mad womana€™s vengeful determination to close the Bar D. Volume Two of No Matter What picks up the authora€™s story where the political storm grows into a full and fiery fury leaving little but ashes and desolation. The author says of the fury: a€œThe ornery blister won the battle, but she didna€™t win the war. After all, she did not have the power to take a life. Oh, she muddied the waters some but she couldna€™t stop the flow.a€ Volume Two shares many traumatic and often humorous stories of a multitude of young people who have inhabited the authora€™s life. He shares their stories and many of the secrets leading to their getting well. In 1998 during open heart surgery, the author moved in and out of a near death experience. He says it was not a a€œneara€ death experience because his medical records said he was a€œdead.a€ The author believes the experience taught him many things which he cannot share at this time. He did, however, recover enough to finish his long and distinguished career as a mental therapist. The author and his wife, Jenenne, now live in Angel Valley with their faithful dog, Pepper, and their many horses. This is the last word the author will write about the Bar D and the devastation that happened there. It is yet a horrific memory but a memory that needs to be forgotten - for that was then and this is now. Many of the Bar D kids, who grew to manhood there, still write, call, or come to visit. Those young men and woman who have filled the authora€™s life with joyous times since the Bar D, continue to share their progress and affection with him. Those prophetic words, a€œNever say Die, a€ the flagship for No Matter What have well served the author and clients alike, it is now time to move on.I had bid about half of what I thought a fairly large Ford 6600 tractor was worth and, after my last nod, my fellow bidders fell silent. I didna#39;t know ... a€œSold!a€ the auctioneer exclaimed, and I was suddenly the new owner of a Ford Sixty-Six- Hundred.

Title:No Matter What
Author:David Allen Goodwin
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2004-04-29


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