Nine-Iron John

Nine-Iron John

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Jim Carlsona€™s most vivid memories of childhood are of his estranged fathera€™s obsession with parring the Savage. Located on the island of Caramus, the 458-yard, par 4, 16th hole at Wild Links has presumably never been parred. At age twenty-five, Jim sets off to Caramus. Over the course of this golfing weekend, his life is forever transformed. There is the beautiful Tina, who presents Jim with a challenge to rival his own dream of parring the Savage. And there is John; a handsome, solidly built enigma of a young man who can knock the cover off a golf ball and plans to make his own run at the Savagea€”by using a gold ball, a 9-iron, and a little bit of magic. Nine-Iron John is a tale about reconciling a painful past with the hope for the future. Ita€™s about fathers and sons, the fertile territory of the male ego, about coming to terms with the pursuit of athletic and sexual conquests. Ita€™s about the search for dignity and self-respect, the desire to love and to be loved. It is the story of the journey that all men begina€b that only a select few ever manage to successfully complete.The Fossil chronograph on the nightstand. Arnie reached out, knocked the watch around, and grabbed it. Squinting, he put it in front of his face and pushed the alarm button. Quiet restored, Arnie buried his face in the pillow. Disoriented, notanbsp;...

Title:Nine-Iron John
Author:Alan Shapiro
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-02-01


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