Night Sky Photography

Night Sky Photography

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A brief introduction to night sky photography covering both the tools needed to take good pictures and the process of shooting the night sky. Criteria to choose the right place, techniques and items are explained by professional travel-photographer Anton Jankovoy. qNight Sky Photographyq is a compact and comprehensible guide for ambitious digital photographers, interested in the tricky matter of night sky photography. A renowned professional photographer at the highest level shares his tips and recommendations to take outstanding night sky shots. Please note: Absolute beginners could use the ebook as a first approach to the topic, but might lack some basic understanding to make the most out of this not-too-detailed tutorial. Experienced digital photographers on the other hand will appreciate the hands-on style of Jankovoy's instructions. This guide offers relevant insights into the work of a professional, to benefit even well-equipped and already advanced photographers. The book is illustrated with brilliant examples of the author's work to verify and explain every single chapter, from selection of equipment to shooting conditions and composition. Besides, the pictures make up a very effective motivation and inspiration, showing what's possible to achieve with the right tools and know-how. Considering Anton Jankovoy's entertaining, yet efficient writing style and the fact, that the containing photographs were taken in some of the most inaccessible places of the world, this book is more than just a handy guide. Digital photographers of all ages might enjoy it for the pictures and the interesting night sky facts alone.Getting Ready and Photographing the Night Sky Anton Jankovoy ... Remote control (RC) Even if having such a peculiar photographic accessory is not obligatory while shooting at night it is at least highly recommended. And the reason is:anbsp;...

Title:Night Sky Photography
Author:Anton Jankovoy
Publisher:Yr haul ar y ffenigl -


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