Night Hunter

Night Hunter

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What if it was more than just the wind, or a simple bump in the night? When a deranged killer leaves a string of victims from coast to coast with no apparent connection or motive, those inspecting the case begin to wonder, when does the hunt become personal? From Broken Knob, Virginia, the private investigation team called Searchlight are haunted by a ghost from the past as a tip from a cold case leads inspector Jerry Dale to resurrect a murder that he could never solve, while memories of a lost sister force Darlene Michaels to face the guilt, anger and her desire for vengeance as she questions why do bad things happen to good people. Together they track a multi-personalitied serial killer who sees his work as a game of trophies and culls who need to be removed from the human heard. Without motive or pattern he ruthlessly eliminates his prey. If you, too, have wondered why bad things happen to good people, Night Hunter might help you to put some things in perspective. This adrenalin paced thriller will have you turning the pages to find out what happens next, until you come to its decidedly non-story book ending.a€œUnlessyou repent and surrender to heavena#39;scall, your end will be in the lake of fire, where the worm dieth not andthe eternal flames of torment will burn.You will bow ... He no longer could hear or see Darlene; he could only feel their presence.

Title:Night Hunter
Author:David McNeece
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2014-03-18


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