Night Call

Night Call

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All medevac helicopter pilot Jett McNally wants to do is fly and forget about the horror and heartbreak she left behind in the Middle East, but anesthesiologist Tristan Holmes has other plans. When Jett comes home from the war and destruction in the Middle East, flying and the adrenaline rush of a crisis are the only things that make her happy, and she volunteers to fly night call where all the action is whenever she can. So maybe once in a while she takes a few chances. Hey, that's life, right? Dr. Tristan Holmes is an expert at two thingsa€”high-risk anesthesia and pleasing women. Tristan gave up expecting anything other than a good time from the women in her life long time ago, and casual relationships are the perfect prescription for stress release. She doesna€™t do relationships, so she cana€™t quite understand why it bothers her when Jett makes it clear she doesna€™t want one. High-stakes medical drama, life on the edge, and love in the fast lanea€”it's all just routine for Night Call.Radclyffe ... Quinn stroked Honora#39;s face as she watched over the sterile barricade that separated the operating field from Tristan and all her ... She glanced at Tristan and raised an eyebrow, not wanting to ask aloud if Honor was doing all right.

Title:Night Call
Publisher:Bold Strokes Books Inc - 2008-10-14


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