Nexus 10 Guide

Nexus 10 Guide

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Master your Nexus 10 in just one evening with the latest installment of Erik Marcus' series of Google Nexus tablet guides, updated for the Nexus 10 and the new 4.2 release of Android.You don't need to flounder through a thick and boring manual to become comfortable with your Nexus 10. Everything about your new tablet is so intuitively designed and easy-to-understand that if you ever get stuck you can usually get unstuck with a quick Google search.Where you likely need help, however--especially if you're new to tablets--is becoming acquainted with all the wonderful features and abilities of your Nexus 10. Learn these things and you can start wielding your tablet like a pro. It's safe to say that most Nexus 10 owners never manage to tap into even half the capabilities of their tablets, and if all you're doing with your Nexus is playing a few games and checking email you're missing out in a huge way.The Nexus 10 Guide was written specifically for first-time tablet owners and non-techies. This book will enable you to take full advantage of your Nexus 10 and unlock its remarkable assortment of abilities. And, best of all, you'll find the book to be a quick and entertaining read that you can blast through in just one evening.Now that you've invested $399 in your Nexus 10, why not throw in another $10 and two hours of your time so you can really get the most out of your device?I bought a Kindle a couple years ago and fell in love with it. But I never use it anymore, even though I buy most of my books in the Kindle format. When the third generation iPad came out, I migrated to it as my primary reading platform.

Title:Nexus 10 Guide
Author:Erik Marcus
Publisher:Mocana Productions Inc - 2012-11-24


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