New York City's Best Public High Schools

New York City's Best Public High Schools

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If you lived anywhere else in the country, you would probably send your child to your neighborhood high school. In New York City, ita€™s much more complicated than that. But what parent has time to research hundreds of school options? To help you choose a high school that is just right for your child, Clara Hemphill and her colleagues at Insideschools visited nearly all of the citya€™s 400 high schools. This essential revision of the critically acclaimed parentsa€™ guide features new school profiles; invaluable advice to help parents and students through the stressful admissions process; and new sections on alternative schools, vocational schools, and schools for students learning English. Featuring interviews with teachers, parents, and students, this guide uncovers the a€œinside scoopa€ about school atmosphere, homework, student stress, competition among students, the quality of teachers, gender issues, the condition of the building, class size, and much more. a€œFor [this] third edition I looked for schools that spark studentsa€™ curiosity, broaden their horizons, and help them develop into thoughtful, caring adults.a€ a€”Clara Hemphill Praise for Clara Hemphilla€™s Parentsa€™ Guides! New York Daily News... a€œBrisk, thoughtful profiles of topnotch, intriguing schools.a€ Big Apple Parent... a€œHemphill has done for schools what Zagata€™s did for restaurants.a€ New York Magazine... a€œThoughtful, well-researcheda€brequired reading.a€ The New York Times... a€œA bible for urban parents.a€Girls wear uniformsa€”crisp white collared blouses and blue vestsa€”and the school emphasizes good manners, but it also has a relaxed feel. Classes offer ... Space is a problem, because PS 40, an elementary school, does not have science labs or lockers that are appropriate for older students. The middle ... Afterschool activities will include tutoring, drama, and student council. ... Prospective students and parents are asked to write short essays and must attend the schoola#39;s open house.

Title:New York City's Best Public High Schools
Author:Clara Hemphill
Publisher:Teachers College Press -


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