New Paths: A Collection of Poems

New Paths: A Collection of Poems

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This collection of poems was written over a very long period of time. It deals with the way our lives a€“ both present and future a€“ are shaped by the past. Whether on a personal basis or on a wider scale like an entire people or a generation, the past is an indispensable element without which it is impossible to be. Some of the poems are about the fate of Africa (civil wars, AIDS, poverty, corruption...) and are the expression of the author's concern and quest for a solution... Other poems show life with a purpose, with peace. Relationships such as brotherhood or friendship are among lifea€™s elements that make us human. As much as the past shapes our lives, our future cannot be without us. It is intricately linked to our present. We shape our future by the way we decide to live our present lives. It is our legacy.Lives and deaths of men, women and children Endlessly restart the process of coming, and leaving. Never in History has hate ... Washington, DC (1999) Forgiveness An acrostic Forgive or forget, which one is the best? Oh! How many anbsp;...

Title:New Paths: A Collection of Poems
Author:Writer Noelle Bolou
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2013-12-29


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