New Documentary

New Documentary

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New Documentary: A Critical Introduction provides a comprehensive account of the last two decades of documentary filmmaking in Britain, the US and Europe. Stella Bruzzi's engaging textbook discusses key genres, filmmakers, and issues for the study of non-fiction film and television, including: * key texts such as the Zapruder film of Kennedy's assassination, Shoah, Hoop Dreams and Michael Apted's 7 Up series * documentary genres, from current affairs programming to 'fly on the wall' documentaries to 'reality tv' series * the work of documentary filmmakers such as Emile de Antonio, Fred Wiseman, Nick Broomfield, Molly Dineen and Paul Watson * the work of avant-garde filmmakers such as Chris Marker, Patrick Keiller, Peter Greenaway and Wim Wenders, whose films challenge conventions of documentary filmmaking * movies based on historical events, such as 'JFK' and 'Nixon' * faux documentaries such as This is Spinal Tap, Bob Roberts and Man Bites Dog * gender identity, queer theory, performance, 'race' and spectatorship. Bruzzi shows how theories of documentary filmmaking can be applied to contemporary texts and genres, and discusses the relationship between recent, innovative examples of the genre and the more established canon of documentary.Jeremy Gibson and Grant Mansfield (Executive Producer, Driving School) have both argued that the audience will be able ... The producers on Driving School were concerned that Maureen, the seriesa#39; a#39;stara#39; subject, would not pass her manualanbsp;...

Title:New Documentary
Author:Stella Bruzzi
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2000


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