Never Hug a Mugger on Quadra Island

Never Hug a Mugger on Quadra Island

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The Islands Investigations International team is back! This time, Kyra Rachel and Noel Franklin are sleuthing around Quadra Island in the employ of Noel's old high school buddy, Jason Cooper. In a quiet wooded area of the island, Jason, his wife, and two younger boys are worried for the oldest son in the family. Derek was discovered badly beaten in the woods by Campbell River and has remained in a deep coma for three weeks. Desperate to find out what happened to his son and why, Jason hires Noel and Kyra. As the two get to know the sleepy island community, they're surprised to discover that Derek may have been in on a drug deala€”but why? Others in the community describe him as a decent young man with a good head on his shouldersa€”what could have possibly pushed him to deal in drugs? Kyra and Noel aren't even certain the drug deal is connected to the attack, so who would want to hurt this young man and why? Kyra and Noel are determined to find out what circumstances could have drawn this happy family into such dark territory. Also available in hardcover.Honda Civic. I said to the guy it had to be that. Get back on the horse. I want to check around before we leave.a€ a€œCheck what?a€ a€œGo to the rink ... a€œMy rational friend Noel the computer whiz responds to his feelings?a€ a€œYeah, until I can grasp whatanbsp;...

Title:Never Hug a Mugger on Quadra Island
Author:Sandy Frances Duncan, George Szanto
Publisher:TouchWood Editions - 2012-05-01


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