Never a Dull Moment

Never a Dull Moment

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I kept steering harder to the right. But the rudder couldn't overcome the force of the wind. Thirteen tons of steel struck a gleaming SeaRay broadside. Stainless steel tubing shattered like shrapnel. The remains came back to earth in slow motion; the clatter on the deck returning time to normal. The boat slid off and back from her victim like a dismounting bull.'Damn it! I'm sorry'Ab.''Why did you do that?' demanded the truncated owner. Well, I thought the question was quite likely rhetorical, so we settled for a meeting on Monday. There was not enough beer in the world towash away the embarrassment.By the time I had paid for the repairs to both yachts I was about $4000 poorer, and I suppose that was what made me decide to buy the boat;I already held equity.Travel with Duncan a Irene on an exciting three-year loop of the Atlantic Ocean. Experience storms and the drama of new landfalls. This book will satisfy the experienced blue-water cruiser and equally the armchair sailor.The boat then executed its turn, albeit with a fairly predictable delay. This was the ... The beauty of installing a hydraulic steering system and an autopilot is that two flexible plastic tubes carry the force to turn the rudder. ... The hardest part of the whole installation would be the routing of the various lines, cables and wires.

Title:Never a Dull Moment
Author:J. Duncan Gould - 2010-03-01


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