Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, Vol. II

Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, Vol. II

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This book is a collection of eleven papers, written by different authors and co-authors (listed in the order of the papers): S. Alkhazaleh, E. Marei, S. Broumi, F. Smarandache, R. Sahin, A. A. Salama, V. Kroumov, K. Perez-Taruel , M. Leyva-Vazquez, A. A. A. Agboola, B. Davvaz, W. B. V. Kandasamy, J. Ye, Q. Zhang, M. Ali, M. Shabir, M. Naz, S. Pramanik, T. K. Roy, P. Biswas and B. C. Giri. In first paper, the author proposed Mappings on Neutrosophic Soft Classes. On Neutrosophic Implications is proposed in the second paper. Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms are studied in third paper. In fourth paper Neutrosophic Crisp Sets and Neutrosophic Crisp Topological Spaces are introduced. Similarly in fifth paper, Neutrosophic Logic for Mental Model Elicitation and Analysis is discussed. In paper six, On Neutrosophic Hypergroups and Neutrosophic Hyperrings is study conducted by the authors. Neutrosophic Lattices are given in seventh paper. Paper eight is about Single Valued Neutrosophic Similarity Measures for Multiple Attribute Decision Making. In the next paper Soft Neutrosophic Bigroups and Soft Neutrosophic N-groups are discussed. In the paper, Neutrosophic Game Theoretic Approach to Indo-Pak Conflict over Jammu-Kashmir is proposed. The authors introduced Entropy Based Grey Relational Analysis Method for Multi-Attribute Decision Making under Single Valued Neutrosophic Assessments in the last paper.... unknown, contradiction, ignorance, imprecision, etc. All submissions should be designed in MS Word format using our template file: ... To submit a paper, mail the file to the Editor-in-Chief. To order printed issues, contact the Editor-in-Chief.

Title:Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, Vol. II
Author:Florentin Smarandache, Mumtaz Ali
Publisher:Infinite Study -


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