Neuromuscular Essentials

Neuromuscular Essentials

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Neuromuscular Essentials: Applying the Preferred Physical Therapist Practice PatternsSM answers the call to what today's physical therapy students and clinicians are looking for when integrating the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice as it relates to the neuromuscular system in clinical care. As a part of Essentials in Physical Therapy led by Series Editor Dr. Marilyn Moffat, Neuromuscular Essentials: Applying the Preferred Physical Therapist Practice PatternsSM is edited by Joanell A. Bohmert and Dr. Janice B. Hulme in a user-friendly format that not only brings together the conceptual frameworks of the Guide language, but also parallels the patterns of the Guide. In each case, where appropriate, a brief review of the pertinent anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, imaging, and pharmacology is provided. Each pattern then details one to seven diversified case studies coinciding with the Guide format. The physical therapist examination, including history, systems review, and specific tests and measures for each case, as well as evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, plan of care, and evidence-based interventions are also addressed. Sample Cases in Some of the Practice Patterns Include: a€c Impaired Neuromotor Development: A child with Down syndrome; a child with developmental coordination disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder a€c Impaired Motor Function and Sensory Integrity Associated With Progressive Disorders of the Central Nervous System: A patient with Parkinson's disease that progresses from Stage 1 to Stage 5 (presented in four cases); a patient with multiple sclerosis a€c Impaired Peripheral Nerve Integrity and Muscle Performance Associated With Peripheral Nerve Injury: A patient with carpal tunnel syndrome; a patient with Bell's palsy; a patient with disuse dysequilibrium; a patient with Meniere's disease; a patient with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo; a patient with unilateral peripheral hypofunction; a patient with bilateral vestibular hypofunction; a€c Impaired Motor Function and Sensory Integrity Associated With Acute or Chronic Polyneuropathies: A patient with Guillain-BarrAc syndrome a patient with chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy a€c Impaired Motor Function, Peripheral Nerve Integrity, and Sensory Integrity Associated With Nonprogressive Disorders of the Spinal Cord: A patient with a cervical spinal cord injury; a patient with a thoracic spinal cord injury At long last, Dr. Marilyn Moffat, Joanell A. Bohmert, and Dr. Janice B. Hulme have created a book that will integrate the parameters of the Guide, as it relates to the neuromuscular system, into the practice arena, that not only covers the material but also allows for a problem-solving approach to learning for educators and students.Merck Manual of Medical Information Professional Edition. 18th ed. ... JAMA. 1981;246:21842186. Johnson GS. While you are waiting. About brain injury: objectives of neurosurgery: 2006. Available at: ... Accessed September 25, 2007. Jennett B ... Available at: http://www. ... Available at: thru_1998/1995.45. 1015. pdf.

Title:Neuromuscular Essentials
Author:Marilyn Moffat, Joanell A. Bohmert, Janice B. Hulme
Publisher:SLACK Incorporated - 2008


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