Neuromorphic Engineering Systems and Applications

Neuromorphic Engineering Systems and Applications

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Neuromorphic engineering has just reached its 25th year as a discipline. In the first two decades neuromorphic engineers focused on building models of sensors, such as silicon cochleas and retinas, and building blocks such as silicon neurons and synapses. These designs have honed our skills in implementing sensors and neural networks in VLSI using analog and mixed mode circuits. Over the last decade the address event representation has been used to interface devices and computers from different designers and even different groups. This facility has been essential for our ability to combine sensors, neural networks, and actuators into neuromorphic systems. More recently, several big projects have emerged to build very large scale neuromorphic systems. The Telluride Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop (since 1994) and the CapoCaccia Cognitive Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop (since 2009) have been instrumental not only in creating a strongly connected research community, but also in introducing different groups to each othera€™s hardware. Many neuromorphic systems are first created at one of these workshops. With this special research topic, we showcase the state-of-the-art in neuromorphic systems.a€œActivitydriven, event-based vision sensors, a€ Presented at the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and ... DomAsnguez-Morales, M., Jimenez-Fernandez, A., Paz-Vicente, R., Jimenez, G., and Linares-Barranco, A. (2012). ... to relative intensity change, a€ in Visuals Supplement to ISSCC Digest of Technical Papers ( San Francisco, CA), 508a€“509 (27.9). ... Conflict of Interest Statement: The spinoff inilabs GmbH of the Inst. of Neuroinformatics is actively marketing dynamic vision sensoranbsp;...

Title:Neuromorphic Engineering Systems and Applications
Author: André van Schaik, Tobi Delbruck, Jennifer Hasler
Publisher: - 2015-07-05


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