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SPECIAL 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION a€”THE MOST IMPORTANT AND INFLUENTIAL SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL OF THE PAST TWO DECADES Twenty years ago, it was as if someone turned on a light. The future blazed into existence with each deliberate word that William Gibson laid down. The winner of Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick Awards, Neuromancer didn't just explode onto the science fiction scenea€”it permeated into the collective consciousness, culture, science, and technology. Today, there is only one science fiction masterpiece to thank for the term qcyberpunk, q for easing the way into the information age and Internet society. Neuromancer's virtual reality has become real. And yet, William Gibson's gritty, sophisticated vision still manages to inspire the minds that lead mankind ever further into the future.And none of this was anything like the Villa Straylight he would have expected, some cross between Catha#39;s fairy tale castle and a halfremembered childhood fantasy of the Yakuzaa#39;s inner sanctum. ... Ita#39;s not just a mask, ita#39;s like he uses real profiles as valves, gears himself down to communicate with us. Called it a template.

Author:William Gibson
Publisher:Penguin - 2000-07-01


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